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Find the best pumpkin patches around in a used Toyota Camry!

Central Florida pumpkin patch

Fall is here! We can’t get enough of the season here at our used Toyota dealership in Orlando, and we’re ready to help YOU make the most of it before it’s gone! Have you gone and picked out your pumpkins yet for your fall decorations and upcoming carving parties? If not, there’s still plenty of […]

Take your used Toyota Corolla to Barktoberfest this weekend!

Orange County Animal Services

Barktoberfest is this weekend, friends! Are you ready to load up your furry friend and head down to Lake Eola to celebrate fall AND support an amazing cause? There’s no better way to get there than in a used Toyota Corolla in Orlando… and we’ve got plenty of those waiting for you on our lot! […]

Take your used Toyota Camry to Oktoberfests in Orlando!

festivals in Central Florida

Are you looking for a used Toyota Camry in Orlando to kick off your fall season? After all, there’s a lot going on in Central Florida this time of year! The scorching temperatures drop, which means pretty much the entire city heads back outside to enjoy the sunshine! One of our favorite things about the […]

Get ready for fall in a cheap used car!

used Toyota Yaris for sale

Fall is coming, friends! The official start date of the season may not be until mid-September, but it’s definitely on its way. The light is starting to change a little in the afternoons as the days slowly get shorter, and it’s a SMIDGE cooler in the late afternoons (that could just be wishful thinking but […]