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Toyota of Orlando explains what to do when your car breaks down

car break down tips

Have you ever been driving down the road when suddenly, you break down? Whether you have a tire blow out, your engine overheat, or any other mechanical issue, it can be stressful and scary to have your car break down. Don’t worry! Our Orlando Toyota service techs are here to help. Handling a breakdown isn’t […]

Toyota of Orlando is discussing cold weather car myths!

winter car maintenance

The weather has gotten pretty chilly here in Central Florida this week! We’ve dipped into the 40’s, which means winter (yeah, we know, we’re wimps) is upon us. Winter weather can have an effect on your car, and we’re here with our Orlando Toyota Service techs to talk some of the most common cold weather […]

Should you attempt car dent removal at home?

car repairs

So, accidents happen. You bump into another car or someone pushes a shopping cart into your ride and leaves without ‘fessing up. It happens, and oftentimes these situations leave you with a pressing need for car dent removal. We can help! At our Orlando Toyota Collision Center, we offer affordable car dent removal and we […]

Is it time to have your car suspension inspected?

auto service tips

Here at our Orlando Toyota Service Center, we place a lot of precedence on catching problems before they become big, time-consuming, or expensive. No one likes a hefty auto repairs bill! That’s why routine car maintenance is so important for each and every part of your car. If you let our techs inspect your ride, […]

Bring canned goods in for discounted auto service!

canned food drive

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and here at Toyota of Orlando, we want to give back to our local community! That’s why we’re hosting a canned goods drive to benefit Second Harvest Food Bank! Not only that, we’re giving back to YOU to show you how much we appreciate both your business and your […]

Do you know how to handle a hit and run car accident?

hit and run car accident

Hit and run car accidents happen more often than you think, unfortunately. A hit and run is when a driver smacks into your car and instead of staying to resolve the situation, takes off, leaving you in a major rut. They can add a whole lot more stress to what’s already a stressful situation! That’s […]