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Should you take on auto repairs in your home garage?

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When you’re in need of auto repairs in Orlando, who’s your go-to technician? We offer plenty of different types of auto service here at our Toyota Service Center, but we know that some drivers who are well-versed in automotive knowledge sometimes like to take on the challenge themselves at home. However, are you – and […]

Toyota of Orlando’s top signs of engine trouble

Beijing Starts Euro III Emission Standards On New Motor Vehicles

We all know that sinking feeling – your car starts making a funny clunking noise, pulling to one side of the road, or sending out odd-smelling smoke signals that definitely mean it’s time for a trip to our Toyota Service Center in Orlando. We strive to make things as easy, efficient, and affordable as possible, […]

How should you care for your auto tires?

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When you think about it, your car’s tires are pretty important. They’re the parts that essentially gets you from point A to point B, and if you’re having issues when them then you’re ultimately not going to be going anywhere until they’re resolved. That’s why it’s so important to get routine auto service in Orlando […]

Do you know when to schedule brake service in Orlando?

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When was the last time you scheduled brake service in Orlando? Just like any other routine auto maintenance it’s important to stay on top of maintaining your brakes. More so, even, as they’re an integral part of the safety in your driving experience! When they’re not functioning at full-capacity, you become a danger to yourself, […]

Tackle auto service myths with Toyota of Orlando

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When it comes to auto service in Orlando, a lot of misconceptions exist. Typically, most people don’t trust mechanics or technicians; they worry that they’re going to get ripped off or pushed into buying something they don’t really need. At Toyota of Orlando, we understand your concerns! That’s why we employ a full staff of […]