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Toyota Travel Series: Visit cities full of American history!


Our great nation wasn’t built in weeks or months; the United States of America has been hundreds of years in the making. When pilgrims and settlers first ventured toward this land, they landed on the east coast. The east coast is where people first sought freedom. It’s where our government and democracy was established. It’s […]

Why is your Toyota car given its name?

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You’ve been driving your new Toyota car for a while now, but have you ever given thought to what its name actually means? Every new Toyota car has a different name and a meaning behind it. This is because Toyota builds cars that are not only stylish, but also innovative. Each Orlando Toyota has been […]

Tow safely this summer with Toyota of Orlando

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Are you thinking about towing your boat down to the lake this summer? Or maybe you’re hitching up the RV and getting out of town with the family. Perhaps you’re thinking about pulling your ATV out to Ocala National Forest for a little trail riding! No matter what you’re towing and where you’re headed, it’s […]