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Meet the all-new 2016 Toyota Avalon!

Toyota for sale

Here at Toyota of Orlando, we take a lot of pride in offering our customers a huge selection of new Toyota cars. We’ve got something for everyone, from the super-affordable 2015 Toyota Yaris to the ultra-luxurious, like the Orlando Toyota Avalon! If your tastes run to the latter part of the spectrum, get ready – […]

Turbo-charged Toyota Yaris to take on FIA World Rally Championship!

Toyota concept rally car

Have you ever gotten behind the wheel of the Orlando Toyota Yaris? This popular and affordable hatchback is a great option for anyone who wants a reliable ride that still offers sporty style, great technology, and won’t break the bank. However, it’s about to be taken to a whole new level – the 2015 Toyota […]

Buy the perfect Orlando Toyota truck with our guide!

Toyota in Central Florida

Spring is coming! We may have dipped into chilly temps this year, but we’re already headed back into the mid-70’s which means it’s the PERFECT time of year to take things outside (sorry, everyone else in the US!). Why not find the new Toyota truck that’s right for the job? We’ve got both the 2015 […]

Which Orlando Toyota would the Winchesters drive?


Supernatural – the extremely popular CW show chronicling the adventures of the Winchester brothers as they try to eradicate evil from the earth – is still going strong this season. This CW fan favorite has been running for almost ten years; in fact, it’s in its tenth season right now, and rumor has it an eleventh […]