Childproof your Orlando Toyota with our tips!

Becoming a parent is a pretty big milestone in everyone’s life. Months are spend prepping for the arrival of your new family members, and you spend a lot of time childproofing your house to make sure it’s safe and accommodating for the newest arrivals! However, did you apply that same practice to your new Toyota in Orlando? Just like your house needs to be babyproofed, you should prep your car to ensure it’s a safe way to get your little ones from point A to point B. Toyota of Orlando is here to help!

New Toyota car seat safety

Keep kids safe in your new Toyota with our tips

First things first – choose a child car seat for your new Toyota in Orlando, and make sure it’s the right size and type for your tiny passenger! We’ve got tons of tips to help you ensure you’ve purchased the right one, and we also have tips on installing them. Plus, you can go to a local police station or fire station to have them show you how to install it properly.

Once you’ve gotten the car seat installed, you might want to consider also purchasing protective sun shades to keep your tiny backseat passengers cool and protected from the sun’s intensity, especially during the summers here in Central Florida. However, make sure you’re not obstructing your vision and creating a safety hazard!

Hit the road in your Orlando Toyota!

  • Now it’s time to hit the road! Once you’ve safely buckled your child into his or her safety seat in the back of your Orlando Toyota, go ahead and make sure that the child safety locks and window locks are in use. This will keep your smaller passengers from being able to unlock and open doors or roll down windows, both of which could be a safety hazard to them!
  • Make sure the backseat of your new Toyota is free of anything that might look interesting to your tiny passengers but could also be a hazard – this means getting rid of anything sharp, and stowing away any items you might consider to be unsafe for kids to play with (especially when you’re trying to keep your eyes on the road). Be sure to also keep things like garage door openers and gate openers out of their hands! To keep the kids occupied, be sure to put a few toys or books in the backseat!

Orlando Toyota safety tips

  • You should also employ the “look before you lock” rule for yourself whenever you have smaller passengers in your new Toyota in Orlando! This means you’ll turn around to look and ensure everyone is seated, buckled in, and safe before you lock the doors to leave for your destination.
  • Never leave kids alone in the car – NEVER! Not only can hot or cold weather quickly create dangerous conditions for your child, they can also get into trouble pretty quickly.

Want more tips on child-proofing your new Toyota? Come see us today – we’re at 3575 Vineland Road, just off I-4 near the Millenia Mall. You can also give us a shout to talk to one of our internet sales specialists at (888) 725-3520!