Why should you think about resale value in your Orlando Toyota?

What’s your number one concern when you’re looking for a new ride?

Lots of drivers have that one factor or stipulation that has to be met before they sign the dotted line. Some people want a new Toyota in Orlando that has a ton of fuel efficiency to save them money at the gas pump; others want something that’s tough enough to use as a work vehicle for towing and hauling purposes. There are thousands of other factors to think about, and almost every driver has a list of things they’d like included in their new ride. Toyota of Orlando is here to make sure all of your drive time needs are met and remind you of one more – resale value!

Why should you worry about resale value in your new Toyota?

Resale value is basically how much bang for your buck you’ll get when you turn around to sell or trade in your Orlando Toyota in the future. Did you know that a car depreciates up to ten percent within one minute of driving off the lot? Over the years, the value falls, which means you’ll get less and less money for it down the road. That’s why it’s so important to choose a car that has a lot of resale value and can hold value well (retained value)! Luckily for you, our new Toyota in Orlando have got you covered – they’re consistently topping the best resale value lists, and Toyota was named the brand with the best resale value for 2014!

However, if you’re not in the market for a new Toyota, you can still pick a car that has a lot of resale value to offer. Our Orlando Toyota dealership is here to detail some of the factors that can enhance it, as well as clear up misconceptions about the features that don’t really make a difference!

What ups the resale value of your Orlando Toyota (and what doesn’t)?

Orlando Toyota Resale Value

First of all, here are the factors that won’t really bring resale value up  (so you may want to think twice before dropping a lot of money on them):

  • Style
  • Special aftermarket performance parts
  • Technology
  • Accessories to enhance style, performance, or technology

Even if you sink thousands of dollars into your new Toyota in these areas, your resale value gain will be small!

So what IS important when it comes to resale value? Here are some of the biggest factors:

  • Comfort: Is your ride roomy, spacious, and comfortable? This is a big factor that many drivers consider!
  • Convenience: Is your new car decked out with features that enhance convenience and efficiency? These are often must-haves for other drivers.
  • Performance: Is your ride reliable, relatively cost-effective to own, and appealing in terms of what it has to offer? For example, truck drivers typically look for a powerful engine for towing and off-roading. Can yours deliver?
  • Safety: Good safety ratings and features can often lend more resale value to your car, so make sure the one you choose has a good solid set of safety technology integrated into the design.

Want more info on resale value and which of our new Toyota options have the most? Come see us today – you can schedule a test drive at (888) 725-3520 and sit down with one of our knowledgable sales specialists!