Toyota of Orlando’s top signs of engine trouble

We all know that sinking feeling – your car starts making a funny clunking noise, pulling to one side of the road, or sending out odd-smelling smoke signals that definitely mean it’s time for a trip to our Toyota Service Center in Orlando. We strive to make things as easy, efficient, and affordable as possible, but we know that auto repairs can still be a super stressful process for our customers. You’re out of a ride, you’re not sure what’s wrong or how much it’s going to cost, and all you can do is wait (unless you happen to be a mechanic yourself!)!

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Is your ride in need of auto repairs?

In order to give you a little peace of mind – and help you decide when it’s time to schedule Orlando auto repairs and avoid even costlier issues – we sat down with our Toyota technicians to talk about some of the top signs of engine trouble and what they mean!

  • Let’s say you hit the road and your car starts jerking – you know, stalling, jolting, basically making your drive time miserable. Your vehicle is designed to ride smoothly, so if it’s doing the jitterbug down the street, then you’ve got a problem. It could mean computer issues, a clogged fuel line, blocked fuel filter, or even bad spark plugs. These are all auto repairs that we take care of at our Orlando Toyota Service Center, so get on the phone and make an appointment!
  • How about when your car starts to stink inside (and it’s not from your gym bag)? If it smells like burning rubber, you may have belts or hoses under the hood that are on their way out – you want to get those replaced before more costly auto repairs in Orlando are necessary. If it smells like exhaust or chemicals inside your car, you may have a leak somewhere, and those smells can actually be toxic. Get out and call a tow truck immediately – don’t try to drive to our Toyota Service Center!
  • Smoke is never a good sign when you’re behind the wheel. Whether it’s coming out of the engine bay or the tailpipe, you probably need auto repairs to make it stop. Smoke can signify a lot of things, but you can usually tell by the color of the smoke what’s up. Blue smoke means that oil is being burned – this means GET TO THE SERVICE CENTER! You can do a lot of damage to your car by not addressing this problem. White smoke means water or antifreeze is making its way into your fuel, and you’re running the risk of your engine overheating!

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Don’t wait – schedule an appointment at our Orlando Toyota Service Center!

If you’re hearing funny noises, seeing check engine lights illuminate, or experiencing any other odd behaviors that aren’t typical of your car, it’s better to be safe than sorry – schedule an appointment for a diagnostic examination and any needed auto repairs right away! Our Toyota Service Center has the longest hours in Central Florida, and we’re open seven days a week for your convenience. Give us a call at (866) 945-0493, and don’t forget to ask about Toyota Service Coupons to save big!