What to avoid in Orlando used cars

When shopping for a used car in Orlando, no one wants to end up with a lemon. We know that some of our customers dread the experience because they’re terrified they’ll end up in a car that has a ton of costly problems and repairs down the road. It’s a real possibility at some pre-owned car dealers, which is why shopping at Toyota of Orlando is always a solid solution. We have a huge variety of used vehicles up for grabs, as well as a number of certified used cars. We have great warranties to offer, knowledgeable sales people, and the peace of mind that you need to drive home happy.

Toyota of Orlando used car tips

Don’t get stuck with a lemon – learn your way around Orlando used cars

However, not everyone is going to come to our Toyota dealership in Central Florida to find their perfect pre-owned car – sometimes drivers are looking for something so specific that they have to scout around a little. That’s why we’ve got a list of tips for you; they’re things that you should avoid when you’re checking out used cars in Orlando! Read on and be sure to do a thorough check before you get behind the wheel!

  • Rust: Rust = just say no. Rust on the car is a bad sign – it can completely eat away at a car’s metal work like a hungry zombie, leaving you with repair bills up to your ears. Be sure to check Orlando used cars for rust on the edges of the rear wheel wells and front fenders, as well as the door jams.
  • Bad body work or repairs: If the car looks like it has gaps in its panels or patches of paint that look somewhat off, walk away. Some repair shops take the cheap and easy way out when doing body repairs, and you’ll no doubt be paying for it down the road! Also check the headlights – if one looks foggy, then you might have cheap repairs on your hands.
  • Super high mileage: We all know that Toyota are renowned for having longs lives, but we also all know that once you get over 100,000 miles, it takes a little bit more effort to keep your car running in top notch condition. This means more money, so be sure you’re ready for that obligation if you decide to buy a vehicle with a lot of miles on it, especially if they’re highway miles!
  • Electrical issues: Getting zapped is fun for no one, so make sure the car you’re perusing doesn’t have electrical issues. Not only is it dangerous, it’s also pretty pricey to repair – the parts themselves can empty your wallet before you even start to pay for installation and labor. Be on the lookout for these issues and if you pick up on them, RUN.

Check out our Toyota dealership for a great selection and even greater used car warranties!

Orlando used cars

These are just some of the things to be on the lookout for when you’re shopping used cars in Orlando. If you want peace of mind and a trustworthy experience you can count on, come on down and visit us! We’ve got amazing specials to help you save money and we’re open every single day until 10pm. Give us a shout to schedule your test drive today!