Orlando Toyota RAV4 is triathlon-ready

If you’re a fan of the 2013 Toyota RAV4 in Orlando, we’ve got great news – Toyota decided to make this popular SUV and make it part of the Toyota Dream Build Challenge, just like the new Toyota 4Runner! However, while the Toyota 4Runner got tricked out to make it worthy of an afternoon on the slopes, this new Toyota went in an entirely different direction altogether. Instead of containing a coffeemaker, glove driers and a ski rack, the Orlando Toyota RAV4 is now ready for your next triathlon – get ready to meet the LifeTime Fitness RAV4!

2013 Toyota RAV4

This new Toyota SUV is a triathlete’s dream!

This new Toyota concept is being unveiled at SEMA on November 5th; it was put together thanks to the brainpower of Toyota and LifeTime Fitness, as well as Team Toyota Triathletes Sarah Haskins, Hunter Kemper, and Andy Potts. The 2013 Toyota RAV4 in Orlando is already pretty well-known for its versatility and compact SUV capabilities, but the team tweaked it to ensure that it not only helps triathletes relax – it also helps them train for their next race!

Orlando Toyota concept

How exactly does one SUV do all that? By integrated incredible features such as:

  • A hot water shower with a 5-gallon water tank – this means you can rinse off after your race and ride home refreshed (without having to deal with cold hose water)
  • Gear storage compartments in the rear cargo area that are also outfitted with a drain so you can let your wetsuit hang above it and dry out while you head home. A spin dryer is also in the back in case you want to toss your wet clothes in!
  • A rear seat holds a refrigerator where you can keep cold water and sports drinks for after the race, as well as the ingredients that you’re going to use for your recovery shake…. and yes, you can make that shake right in the back of your new Toyota! A Blendtec blender sits next to the fridge, as well as a small pantry full of healthy snacks!
  • Custom roof racks allow you to easily carry two bikes, and a shiatsu massager in the front seats keeps you comfortable and helps soothe sore muscles on the ride home!

You’ll also find a good deal of technology woven into the LifeTime Fitness RAV4 – it uses iPads to track and record race data so athletes can review it after the fact, and you’ll find a wireless Bluetooth speaker so you can take your tunes with you.

Would you drive this decked-out version of the Orlando Toyota RAV4?

This incredible new concept SUV sounds like a triathlete’s dream – would you drive it? We won’t be seeing it at our Orlando Toyota dealership any time soon, but we do have the original 2013 Toyota RAV4 and although it doesn’t include shiatsu massagers or a hot water shower, it does have a ton of versatility and a sporty performance that can get you and all of your gear where you need to go!

Come down and see all of our versatile SUVs this weekend to get race-ready – we’re open Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday until 10pm for your convenience! Call (888) 725-3520 to set up your test drive!