New Toyota i-Road concept to become a reality

If you saw anything that happened at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year, one of the things that probably stood out to you was the new Toyota i-Road concept car! It’s not really a car, mind you; it’s unlike any of the new Toyota in Orlando we’ve ever seen. It’s actually more like a road-ready tricycle that’s aimed at keeping city traffic and pollution to an all-time low. The exciting news this week was that this innovative Toyota concept car will actually be hitting the roads – it’s officially headed to production as of the middle of this month!

new Toyota i-Road concept

Will we ever see this new Toyota in Orlando?

Bad news? You probably won’t see this concept trike among our new Toyota in Orlando anytime soon. In fact, you probably won’t be able to see it in person at all unless you take a trip to Japan. Toyota announced at the Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies exposition that the Toyota i-Road concept would be going into production, but also noted that it would be used as part of a car-sharing system in Japan. As the trike seats two and is all-electric, it offers a great way to help reduce city traffic and also cut down on emissions. Let’s take a closer look at this brilliant Toyota concept!

  • The Toyota i-Road can seat two, like we said, but it only weighs about 661 pounds, keeping its curb weight extremely low. This helps with acceleration and efficiency.
  • This remarkable Toyota concept also can drive up to 30 miles on one charge and hit speeds of up to 28 mph, which is well-suited for busy urban streets.
  • Toyota plans to increase the number of i-Road concepts to around 100 by the middle of October (compared to the 10 that existed before this month started), and also nearly double the number of available charging stations from 13 to 21 to make charging up easier on drivers.

Orlando Toyota concept cars

We’ve got plenty of city-friendly new Toyota and new Scion options up for grabs!

We’re a little disappointed we won’t see this new Toyota in Orlando anytime soon, but we do have several other compact city-friendly options that will help you save on gas AND still offer a ton of curb appeal! For example:

  • The 2013 Toyota Prius c is a sporty hybrid hatchback that gives you 50mpg combined and also cuts down on smog-forming emissions through the use of an electric motor alongside its gasoline engine. However, it can still seat up to five and has cool technology to boot, like display audio, Entune, and navigation services. This new Toyota is a great option for urban drivers who also want to go green!
  • The 2014 Scion iQ is another hatchback option that’s even more urban-friendly – it only measures 10 feet from end to end! It can seat up to four and offers you a tidy 36 mpg combined when it comes to fuel efficiency, so you’ll still save big on gas. Plus, it showcases the unique and innovative style for which Scion is known!

While we won’t be able to get you behind the wheel of the Toyota i-Road, we can help you find an efficient and city-suited new Toyota or new Scion today. Just swing by for a visit! Toyota of Orlando is located just off I-4 near the Millenia Mall, and you can give our internet sales team a ring at (888) 725-3520 to get the scoop on all of the amazing options we’ve got up for grabs today!