New safety features coming to Orlando Toyota

In an ideal world, your new Toyota in Orlando would drive itself. Can you imagine climbing behind the wheel, telling it where to go, and sitting back to relax while it gets you there safely and efficiently? It’d be like having your own personal chauffeur 24-7! While our new Toyota options may not have this technology just yet, exciting breakthroughs have recently been made in the field of safety technology that indicate this might be where we’re headed in the future. Toyota is actually working on new safety technology that allows its cars to be semi-autonomous (i.e., can SORT of drive themselves)!

Orlando Toyota Safety technology

What is the Pre-Collision System in your Orlando Toyota?

If you know anything about the safety technology in our new Toyota in Orlando, you know that it’s pretty incredible. Toyota prides itself on always working on the latest and greatest when it comes to this aspect of your driving experience, as evidenced by their incredible research facilities in Michigan and all of the time and money they pour into their initiatives. If you’ve ever gotten behind the wheel of one of their cars, you may have experienced the Pre-Collision System – this is the particular technology that they’re tweaking to move towards semi-autonomous driving capabilities!

new Toyota safety featuresWhat is the Pre-Collision System in a new Toyota in Orlando? This safety technology works as follows:

  • It sends out radar signals in front of the car to pick up on other vehicles in front of you; this helps to ensure you’re aware of what’s going on around you on the road
  • The Pre-Collision System is continuously calculating the speed of the vehicles in front of you and how far you are from them to make sure you maintain enough distance to avoid bumping them
  • If the PCS senses that a collision is imminent and unavoidable, it automatically helps you prep by both tightening the seatbelts in the front seat, and also by alerting the Brake Assist technology (which works to give you extra brake power when you hit them).

So, how is Toyota tweaking this incredible technology to make it even better? By introducing pedestrians into the equation! Not only will the new PCS alert the Brake Assist feature to kick into gear, it will also give the driver visual and audio alerts about the pedestrian in its path and in the worst case scenario, steer around the pedestrian itself to avoid hitting them!

Automated Highway Driving Assist coming to new Toyota vehicles soon

Another new technology leaning towards self-driving cars that’s coming into existence right now is the cooperative-adaptive cruise control. Basically, this feature will allow your affordable new Toyota in Orlando to communicate to other cars about their drive time to both avoid collisions and also enhance fuel efficiency and traffic problems. This set of technologies has been dubbed the Automated Highway Driving Assist, and Toyota is claiming we may see it in their vehicles as soon as 2015-2016!

We may not have self-driving cars just yet, but we do have plenty of new safety technology to make your drive time as efficient and secure as possible! Stop by Toyota of Orlando today to check it all out in person – you can set up a test-drive at (888) 725-3520 right now!