Orlando Toyota Camry and Corolla are most popular used cars

When you’re out and about in Central Florida looking for affordable used cars, you definitely have a wide selection to explore. Even at our Orlando Toyota dealership alone you’ll find a solid variety of makes and models; we don’t just offer used Toyota options, but weave in other makes like used Honda, Nissan, Ford, Mazda, and more. It can be easy to get overwhelmed by all of the different choices up for grabs! However, we’re here to make it easier for you – two of our used Toyota in Orlando were recently deemed the most popular used options around by Cars.com!

Why choose these used Toyota in Orlando?

Which of our Orlando used cars took the “most popular” title? None other than the used Toyota Camry and used Toyota Corolla, of course! Both of these vehicles are best-sellers and extremely popular new options at our dealership, so it’s no surprise to us that they managed to land a spot on the most popular used list as well. What makes them such exceptional options, however? Let’s take a closer look at both of these incredible used cars!

Toyota Corolla

used Toyota Corolla for sale

The Toyota Corolla is one of the best-selling cars on the planet – that’s right, we said the planet. It’s actually been holding this title for some time now; it came onto the market back in the 60’s and after just eight short years it was already a worldwide best-seller! Here are just a few other accolades this used Toyota in Orlando boasts to give you an idea of why it’s so exceptional:

  • 80% of all models sold in the past 20 years are still out driving the streets – talk about durability and longevity
  • The 2013 model is an IIHS Top Safety Pick, as were many models before that
  • Polk named this used car the longest-lasting vehicle of any full-line automotive manufacturer
  • IntelliChoice handed over a Retained Value award for this car, recognizing it for its dependability and durability

Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry in Orlando FL

The Toyota Camry has been the best-selling car in America for fifteen out of the past sixteen years, and we don’t see it handing over that title anytime soon! If you want quality and performance melded with sleek, classic style and a comfortable interior, then this used car is the way to go. The used Toyota Camry also has a stack of accolades to showcase, including:

  • There are around seven million – yes, million – Toyota Camry models out on the road today, and 90% of these cars that were sold in the past ten years are still hitting the streets
  • This car boasted both an NHTSA 5-Star Safety Rating last year, as well as an IIHS Top Safety Pick nod
  • This used car also has a slew of IntelliChoice awards under its belt, including awards for ownership costs, retained value, and more
  • It’s even recommended by KBB consumers for its exceptional price and performance capabilities

Come see all of our affordable used cars today!

Why wait? You could take our word for it, or you could come down and take both of these vehicles for a spin today to see which better suits your drive time needs. Our Toyota dealership in Orlando is just off I-4 near the Millenia Mall at 3575 Vineland Road!