Do you know when to schedule brake service in Orlando?

When was the last time you scheduled brake service in Orlando? Just like any other routine auto maintenance it’s important to stay on top of maintaining your brakes. More so, even, as they’re an integral part of the safety in your driving experience! When they’re not functioning at full-capacity, you become a danger to yourself, your passengers, and other people on the road. That’s why you should always stay on top of your routine maintenance; our Toyota Service Center in Orlando can help!

Brake service in Orlando FL

Signs it’s time to schedule brake service in Orlando

Not only should you keep up with routine maintenance, you should also fully address any issues that might arise in between scheduled appointments! Because your brakes are so important, our Orlando Toyota Service Center has come up with a list of signs that it might be time to bring your car in for brake service. Check it out, and if any of these signs seem familiar give us a call to make an appointment today!

You know what a normal performance from your car feels like; if you’re getting the feeling that something is off, you shouldn’t ignore it or put it off. Here are a few warning signs that shouldn’t be taken lightly!

  • What does it feel like when you hit your brakes? Do they seem as responsive as they once did? If not, it may mean a brake fluid leak or other issues, so you should schedule your brake service in Orlando to address the problem before it worsens and becomes a safety hazard.
  • Does your car seem like it’s shuddering or pulsing when you hit the brakes? This is usually indicative of a problem with the rotors; they may be warped, which means you’ll need to have them fixed or replaced in order to solve this problem. Bring your car by our Orlando Toyota Service Center to take care of it efficiently and affordably!
  • Do you feel like your car is pulling to one side when you brake? Although this may have something to do with your tires, it can also indicate debris in the brake fluid or other brake-related problems. Don’t let it slide – bring your car in for brake service and get it checked out!

Sometimes, sounds can be indicative of a problem as well. If you hear any of these sounds, you should plan on bringing your car in for brake service to ensure you catch the problem before it becomes extremely costly, not to mention dangerous!

  • Do you hear grinding when you brake? This means your brake pads are wearing thin, and you need to replace them before they get too thin and your brake rotors get damaged (trust us, your wallet will thank you).
  • Do you hear a screeching noise? A lot of brakes have a special sensor that will make a high-pitched squealing noise when your brakes need service. If you hear it, stop by our Toyota Service Center!

Call our Toyota Service Center today!

If you’re not sure what’s going on with your brakes, don’t take the risk – stop by Toyota of Orlando’s service center today and address the issue. We’re just off I-4 near the Millenia Mall – call (866) 945-0493 today for your appoinment!