What makes Toyota a top global green brand?

Did you know that Toyota is yet again a top global green brand, according to Interbrand? In a top ten list compiled by the company – based on the companies’ environmental performance and their environmental perception – Toyota took the top spot, beating out competitors like Ford, Nissan, Honda, and Volswagen, in addition to other non-automotive brands (like Johnson & Johnson and Nokia). Basically, by securing the top spot Toyota has been deemed to have the most environmental appeal. At Toyota of Orlando we couldn’t be prouder!

Toyota Prius in Orlando FL

In order to compile the list, Interbrand had over 10,000 consumers are questioned and asked to rate companies on the following qualities:

  • Authenticity
  • Presence
  • Differentiation
  • Relevance
  • Consistency
  • Understanding of environmental claims

Those scores are then combined with the companies environmental performance scores to create the top ten list!

New Toyota in Orlando make Toyota a green brand!

What makes Toyota such an eco-friendly brand? The answer is obvious the minute you take a look at our selection of new Toyota in Orlando – the company is extremely dedicated to creating driving solutions that are good to Mother Earth! You’ll find new Toyota options like:

  • 2013 Toyota Prius
  • 2013 Toyota Prius c
  • 2013 Toyota Prius v
  • 2013 Toyota Highlander Hybrid
  • 2013 Toyota Camry Hybrid
  • 2013 Toyota Avalon Hybrid

And while they’re not yet at our Orlando Toyota dealership, the 2013 Toyota Prius Plug-in and Toyota RAV4 EV also offer exceptional electric options if you want to go green!

new Toyota hybrids for sale

These new Toyota offer an excellent, easy, affordable way to make the most of your green power. Did you know that the 2013 Toyota Prius c, for example, kicks off at just over $18,000? The entire Prius family falls within a range of affordability, as do our other hybrid options. We also offer amazing Orlando Toyota specials to bring the prices down even further and help you drive home green and happy!

Toyota takes things to the next level with environmental research

However, providing us with an excellent selection of eco-friendly new Toyota isn’t the only way Toyota does their part for the go green movement. They also are dedicated to researching and implementing new environmental technology – in fact, it’s their goal to add a large selection of new Toyota hybrids to the lineup by the year 2015. They also take steps to ensure that their manufacturing plants are using green strategies and supplies, and are furiously working on researching fuel alternatives. Did you know they’re even working on a fuel-cell vehicle for maximum efficiency?

So how can you join Toyota and do your part in the go green movement? Simple – just climb behind the wheel of a Toyota hybrid! These innovative cars offer the Hybrid Synergy Drive System, which utilizes parallel hybrid technology. This means both an electric motor and gasoline engine power the vehicle, and the use of the electric motor cuts way, way down on the harmful emissions emitted by the car!

Want to learn more about Toyota’s green technology? Visit Toyota of Orlando today – we’ve got amazing Toyota specials available to make your purchase even more affordable! Start going green now – stop by 3575 Vineland Road, or give us a call at (888) 725-3520!