Toyota of Orlando’s tips for teen driving safety

Watching your teen climb behind the wheel of a new Toyota in Orlando can be a little nerve-wracking (OK, more than just a little). While you’ve done everything you can to provide them with a safe and reliable vehicle, a lot of it falls into their hands and how they operate the car. You’ve taught them to drive, so why not go the extra mile and empower them with some driving safety tips especially for teens? Toyota of Orlando has all the tips you need… plus a great selection of affordable new Toyota options that are perfect for first-time drivers!

New Toyota teen drivers

Toyota of Orlando’s first tip: Do away with distractions

First of all, remind them that they need to limit distractions while driving their new Toyota in Orlando. Teens – and any other drivers, really – should be solely focused on the task at hand. This means no texting, no talking on the phone, no fiddling with the radio, no eating… the list goes on and on. You might even want to consider placing a limit on the number of passengers your teen can have in the car with them for the first few months, until they’re more comfortable behind the wheel!

Prep your teen driver to handle their new Toyota in Orlando no matter the situation!

Preparation is everything – you know this is one of our mantras, and it applies to this situation as well. Prep your teen driver to be equipped for whatever situations might arise when they’re behind the wheel of their new Toyota vehicle. Here are just a few key situations you might want to run over before your teen hits the road!

  • Getting pulled over: Remind your teen driver that when they are flagged and pulled over by the police, they should pull their car to the side of the road in as timely a manner as possible, putting it in park and staying in the car until the officer approaches. (You might also want to remind them that arguing will get them nowhere.) Teach your teen to also always have their insurance, license, and registration handy!
  • What to do in an accident: Accidents happen, whether it’s your teen’s fault or not. Teach them the steps to take if they find themselves in a fender bender – what to do with their car, what information to collect, who to call, etc.. Make a checklist and leave it in the glovebox so they can remember even in the most stressful of situations!
  • How to drive in bad weather: Whether it’s snow, rain, or ice, your teen driver should know how to tackle the road in a bad weather situation. Make sure they have a “bad weather kit” in their car, and teach them how to approach each individual type of weather and how to adjust their driving strategy accordingly!

Orlando Toyota Safety Technology

These are just a few tips on prepping your teen to handle whatever driving may throw at them! You can also find a great selection of new Toyota in Orlando that are equipped with incredible safety technology, like the Toyota Star Safety System. Stop by and see us today to get your teen driver into a new – and exceptionally safe – ride! (888) 725-3520