Which new Toyota in Orlando would you choose for the zombie apocalypse?


Realistically, the zombie apocalypse probably isn’t going to take place anytime soon, if ever (fingers crossed). However, shows like the Walking Dead are becoming more and more popular, and the big blockbuster World War Z is set to drop into theaters this summer. At Toyota of Orlando, we can’t help but wonder… if it really did happen, which new Toyota would you want parked in your garage?

Walking Dead TV Show

Our Orlando Toyota vehicles cover all the basics

All of our new Toyota in Orlando have attributes that would be exceptionally helpful in the zombie apocalypse; at first, we thought maybe a Toyota hybrid would be a great solution. How about the 2013 Toyota Prius v? This hybrid gets 42 mpg combined, so you’d have fewer stops for gas and be able to get further on one tank. You’d also have over 34 cubic feet of cargo space for all your gear in the back, and seating for up to five passengers. However, then it dawned on us – the roads would be positively packed with other cars that have already run out of gas (because they’re not nearly as fuel-efficient as the 2013 Toyota Prius v), so you’d have to take things off the pavement… and as much as we love our new Toyota hybrids, they’re not known for their off-roading capabilities!

Our choice: the 2013 Toyota Land Cruiser

Toyota Land Cruiser in Orlando

In order to be able to tackle whatever terrain you might be facing, you’d need a new Toyota in Orlando that can handle off-roading with ease. You’d also want something that’s relatively roomy, fuel-efficient, and comfortable. Our pick? Initially it was a toss-up between the 2013 Toyota FJ Cruiser and Toyota Land Cruiser (which would both be excellent options), but we finally settled on the 2013 Toyota Land Cruiser in Orlando as our zombie apocalypse go-to! Here’s why:

  • The Orlando Toyota Land Cruiser has a long heritage that’s filled with durability. It was initially designed for the military, and since then it’s become a popular option for off-roading – in fact, Toyota does a good deal of its testing on this vehicle in the Australian outback where conditions are pretty harsh.
  • The 2013 Toyota Land Cruiser is equipped for taking on rough terrain. It boasts features like a powerful 5.7L V8 engine, a full-time 4WD system, Active Traction Control, and limited-slip center differential to help improve traction further.
  • You’ll also find features on this new Toyota like a Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System, Hill Start Assist, and a body structure designed to take on whatever – it’s highly rigid and has side impact door beams. Did we mention the protective skid plates, or the Multi-Terrain Monitor (which allows you to view the terrain on all sides of your vehicle)?
  • While it’s not as fuel-efficient as the Toyota Prius v, the Orlando Toyota Land Cruiser gets around 13 mpg city and has a 24.6 gallon fuel tank… thus, on one trip you’d get almost 150 more miles than the Toyota FJ Cruiser.
  • You’ll also get plenty of space in this Toyota SUV – it offers you seating for up to eight, and if you choose to do away with rear seating you’ll end up with over 80 cubic feet of cargo space for all your bugout gear! (Plus, it has an awesome cooler box situated inside so you could keep things like medicine and food cool.)

Which new Toyota in Central Florida would you choose? Give us your opinions… and come down to Toyota of Orlando today to take any of them for a test drive! We’re just off I-4, near the Millenia Mall!