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Auto service in Orlando can get costly – not only do you need routine auto maintenance to ensure your vehicle has a healthy life, you also need service from time to time to fix any problems that might occur, or to repair your vehicle after an accident! At our Orlando Toyota dealership, we have a fantastic Toyota Service Center that’s staffed with trained Toyota technicians, and we offer auto service specials to help you save money when you bring your vehicle in. However, there are other steps you can take on your own to help prevent costly service bills and keep your car in great shape!

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  • Check your owner’s manual! Each new Toyota in Orlando is different and has different requirements to keep it running in top-notch condition. While most of them follow the same basic schedule for routine maintenance, your car might need a little bit of extra TLC from time to time. Read your owner’s manual and ensure you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for car service!
  • Get your oil changed! We can’t stress this enough – GET YOUR OIL CHANGED! This routine auto service in Orlando is absolutely essential to your car’s survival! Without oil, the engine has no way of staying lubricated (thus avoiding heat melding parts together and causing your engine to seize up). Make sure your oil stays clean and full in between visits, and be sure to follow an oil change schedule as recommended in your owner’s manual!
  • auto service in Orlando FLDon’t ignore the check engine light. Yes, it stinks when you see that little amber light pop up on the dash, but the longer you ignore it, the more serious (and costly) the problem may become. It may be something as simple as your gas cap not being tight enough, but the check engine light can indicate a deeper issue and you want to address it before it compounds! If you’re getting routine service at our Toyota Service Center, our technicians will conduct a multi-point inspection on your vehicle each time to proactively identify any problems.
  • Keep your tires inflated, balanced, and rotated! Again, when you visit us for routine auto maintenance our technicians will check your tires to ensure they’re properly inflated and balanced. Improper inflation can lead to uneven wear on your tires, which drastically shortens their life. It can also cause you to lose traction more quickly, which means you’re more likely to get into an auto accident. Also, tires that are under-inflated kill your fuel efficiency!
  • Make sure your air filter is clean, and that you change it as needed. The air filter keeps debris and dirt from getting into the engine and clogging it up, so you want to ensure it can do its job.
  • Be mindful of your brakes! This is another essential element of basic auto service. If you hear weird noises when you hit the brakes, bring your car into our Toyota Service Center as soon as you can to avoid bigger problems and more money out of your wallet. Example: if your brake pads are worn down and you don’t replace them, you’ll eventually eat into the brake rotors, multiplying the cost of the repairs by quite a bit!

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