Is your Orlando Toyota American-made?

Did you know that many of the new Toyota in Orlando that we offer our valued customers are actually made right here in America? Bet you didn’t – most people automatically assume that all Toyota vehicles are produced and manufactured overseas. That’s just not the case, however! Many new Toyota options are produced right here in the USA in plants scattered across the country. Toyota of Orlando loves that Toyota is keeping some of its production stateside, and that they have even bigger plans to move a large chunk of their Lexus production to the US by 2015 as well, creating over 750 new jobs and manufacturing 50,000 more vehicles a year here!

New Toyota manufacturer celebrates 10 millionth part

New Toyota Avalon in OrlandoOne new Toyota manufacturer recently celebrated a huge milestone – the plant in Putnam County, West Virginia celebrated its 10 millionth unit built last week! They manufacture transmissions and engines at this particular plant, and this was a great accomplishment. This particular plant has also been deemed one of the most efficient operations in the country, and has over 1,200 employees working there… with plans to expand soon!

However, which new Toyota in Orlando are the most American-made options? For starters, the 2013 Toyota Avalon. In fact, it’s one of the most American-made vehicles out there right now, even beating out competitors like the Ford Taurus according to the NHTSA. The Orlando Toyota Avalon is manufactured right here in the USA at the Georgetown, Kentucky plant; over 85% of its parts are made here, which is a higher percentage than any other automotive manufacturer right now! The Georgetown plant produces a wide variety of other excellent Toyota options as well, like the Toyota Camry and Camry Hybrid, as well as the versatile Toyota Venza. They also build engines and powertrains. It’s the largest Toyota manufacturing plant outside of Japan!

2013 Toyota Tundra in Orlando is made in San Antonio, TX

Another new Toyota in Orlando that’s exceptionally American-made is the 2013 Toyota Tundra. Did you know it’s built right here in San Antonio, TX at the Toyota manufacturing plant located there? The plant is actually built on the former location of a ranch (spanning over 2,000 acres), which inspired the creation of the 2014 Toyota Tundra 1794 edition (which will be coming soon). This plant was built in 2003 and since then, has been a solid manufacturer of Toyota trucks for the American public. They actually produce about 150,000 new Toyota Tundra trucks every year, and the Toyota Tacoma will be coming out of its doors before you know it!

As you can see, Toyota does plenty of manufacturing over here in the US and wants to expand their reach even further in the future! Curious as to which other Toyota in Orlando are also American-made? Come by our Toyota dealership in Central Florida today! We’ve got the answers you need, as well as a huge selection of vehicles for you to take out and test drive. Give us a call today! You can reach our internet sales team at (888) 725-3520, or just swing by the dealership at 3575 Vineland Road. We’re open until 10pm every single night!