Toyota of Orlando’s tips: Get your car ready for warm weather!

auto repairs in OrlandoIt was pretty chilly in Central Florida this weekend, but warm weather is just around the corner (Wednesday, to be exact!). Although we don’t have to deal with severe winter weather at our Orlando Toyota dealership, we know that it’s essential to prep your new Toyota whenever the seasons change to ensure you’re maximizing your vehicle’s performance. Warm weather should be here to stay in the next month or so, so let our Orlando Toyota Service Center help you take proactive steps to get ready now! We’ve got all the tips you need to get ready for spring and summer – and you can also come in and visit our Service Center for more information!

Prep your new Toyota for warm weather with our help!

When you’re prepping your new Toyota for the change of seasons, auto maintenance should be at the forefront of your mind. It’s important to ensure your vehicle has everything it needs to perform at its maximum level. Our Toyota Service Center in Orlando can help; every time you bring your vehicle in, we conduct a complimentary multi-point inspection that covers elements like belts, hoses, fluids, tire pressure, and more. However, there are steps you can take on your own to get your car ready to spring into the season!

  • First, check your oil! Regular oil changes in Orlando are key to a great performance, but you want to make sure that your oil is clean and at the proper level for warmer temperatures. You also want to ensure you’re using the right type of oil, so ask our Toyota technicians which one will help to maximize your vehicle’s performance. We use top of the line products like Mobil, so you’re in good hands!
  • Check your tires! If you headed up North for a winter getaway, remember to change back to your normal (non-winter) tires. Make sure your tires are properly inflated, and that they have enough tread on them to provide proper traction – after all, summers in Central Florida often bring heavy rain showers in the afternoon and the last thing you need to do is lose your grip on the road! Our Toyota Service Center can inspect them for you, and replace them as needed (and don’t forget, we offer price matching on tires!).
  • Have your cooling system inspected – your engine will be working over time when real summer temperatures roll around so you want to ensure it’s being properly cooled. While you’re at it, check all the fluids under the hood of your car! Cold weather puts your engine through its paces, so you’ll need to ensure all fluids are full and clean before you hit the road this spring.
  • Spring and summer weather means hotter temperatures and longer days. You not only need to protect the elements essential to your vehicle’s performance; you need to protect your vehicle itself! Apply wax to the exterior after you’ve washed it to protect your car’s paint from UV ray damage. You should also apply a protectant to the interior vinyl, plastic, and leather so the sun doesn’t cause them to fade or crack. Don’t forget that our Toyota Service Center offers full detailing services!


Visit our Orlando Toyota Service Center today!

These are just a few things you can do to get ready for warmer temperatures – for more tips or help prepping your car, visit Toyota of Orlando today! We’re just off I-4 near the Millenia Mall, and you can call to make your next car service appointment at (866) 945-0493. Don’t forget to ask about our service specials!