Orlando Scion FR-S may soon be a hybrid!

Orlando Scion FR-S for saleOK, OK – we know we’ve already bragged once this week about the Scion family. Remember our blog about the possibility of an open-top Scion FR-S in Orlando? However, the news and rumors just keep coming, so we don’t see any reason why we can’t brag about this innovative new Scion once more. Toyota has obviously realized they hit the nail on the head with this one because they keep coming up with ways to make the car even more unique and diversified. We talked about the convertible model that should be popping up in dealerships at some point,  so let’s explore one of the newest rumors – the possibility of either a turbo-charged option OR hybrid model at Toyota of Orlando!

2013 Scion FR-S in Orlando may integrate hybrid technology!

You heard right – a turbo-charged model might be making its way into your driveway, or a hybrid Scion FR-S could be your next go-green option! Toyota is exploring the option of making the affordable sports car more eco-friendly (and wallet-friendly) by integrating their renowned hybrid technology into what’s already under the hood. However, hybrids like the 2013 Toyota Prius in Orlando don’t always pack a big punch in terms of horsepower and torque, so steps would need to be taken to ensure that the vehicle’s performance didn’t suffer. However, they’re also looking into the possibility of releasing a supercharged or turbocharged model for driving aficionados. Best of all, Toyota is planning on give the car a little face-lift when they integrate either of these technologies, so a new look could be in store!

What would it mean to have a hybrid Scion FR-S? Well, to get a better understanding of what benefits you’d gain, let’s take a closer look at how hybrid technology works:

  • Toyota Hybrid Synergy DriveToyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive System utilizes a parallel hybrid system (unlike other competitors that often use mild hybrid systems). This system allows the electric motor and gasoline engine to operate independently of one another. The electric motor will run the show whenever possible, but the gasoline engine can step in when needed.
  • A parallel hybrid system greatly reduces the amount of emissions your car releases. Vehicles contribute to the formation of smog when they release emissions like oxides of nitrogen; driving a hybrid lets you do your part for the environment without ever leaving the driver’s seat!
  • Hybrid technology will also save you money (as if the price tag of this unbelievable sports car wasn’t already affordable enough)! Since you’ll be using the electric motor as much as possible, fuel costs will be slashed a good deal. For example, look at the 2013 Toyota Prius – it gets 50 mpg combined! This is almost double the fuel efficiency of what you’d find in the Scion FR-S!

Stay tuned for more details on the new Scion FR-S models!

You won’t find either of these options on the lot at our Orlando Toyota dealership anytime soon – Toyota is still working on different technology options and variations to ensure you get the same quality driving performance and super sporty style. However, we do have the entire Scion family for you to explore, including the phenomenal Scion FR-S. Why not come down and learn more? Toyota of Orlando is open 7 days a week until 10pm and we’re conveniently located just off I-4 near the Millenia Mall!