Tom Hanks takes Toyota RAV4 EV to the Oscars!

Tom Hanks Toyota RAV4 EVWhen we think of the Academy Awards at Toyota of Orlando, we think of bedazzled actors and actresses climbing out of expensive limos and town cars to make their grand entrance on the red carpet. However, even though they weren’t nominated for any Oscars, there was another star of the show this year – Toyota! Many actors and actresses chose to eschew their normal gasoline-powered rides in favor of hybrid options, like the Orlando Toyota Prius. Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, even showed up in a Toyota RAV4 EV! We knew that being eco-friendly was a huge deal in Hollywood, but we didn’t realize stars would give up the impressive luxury and stature of a limo just to do their part in the green movement. Check it out!

Hollywood loves their hybrid and electric cars

Tons of famous actors and actresses have opted to swap their rides for the efficient and environmentally-friendly 2013 Toyota Prius. In Orlando, it’s an exceptionally popular option for drivers from all walks of life, and it’s easy to see why it’s garnered such a mass appeal! It’s one of the most-desired hybrid options around, and offers a sleek, stylish, and affordable way to go green… and it also provides exceptional performance. We were most excited, however, to see Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson pull up to the red carpet in the Toyota RAV4 EV!

Tom Hanks can’t get enough of the Toyota RAV4 EV!

While we haven’t gotten to test drive the new Toyota RAV4 EV in Orlando just yet, we’re eagerly awaiting its arrival. Tom Hanks drives an older EV (the original 2003 model – he absolutely loves it, according to his 2009 letter to the New Yorker), but most of the buzz lately has been surrounding the latest release of this incredible all-electric car. This new Toyota is even more environmentally-friendly than the Toyota Prius; it can run up to 92 miles on a single charge (or 113 miles if you charge it in the “extended” setting), offers two driving modes, and can reach speeds of up to 100 2013 Toyota RAV4 EVmph! What else does this innovative new Toyota have to offer?

  • It was co-developed by Tesla, which is a manufacturing giant in the field of engineering
  • This electric sibling to the 2013 Toyota RAV4 only takes about six hours for a full charge (on a 240V charging unit)
  • You’ll be privy to a sleek new style – this electric version of the Orlando Toyota RAV4 has more fluid lines on the exterior, as well as a redesigned rear spoiler, a polished interior with heated seats and a touch-screen audio system, and a digital instrumentation model. Additionally, the underbody battery tray of this new Toyota is flat, which makes for a more spacious interior!
  • Driving an all-electric car is about the greenest you can go – even in hybrids, a certain degree of emissions still exist.

And more – but we won’t get to explore all of the details surrounding the new Toyota RAV4 EV until it hits our Orlando Toyota dealership! We’ll let you know the moment it arrives, but in the meantime come down and check out our other environmentally sensitive driving options. We’ve got a huge selection of hybrids, including the Toyota Prius family and the new Toyota Camry Hybrid in Orlando! Let us help you go green in 2013 at an affordable price… and ask about our new Toyota specials. You can schedule your test drive right now at (888) 725-3520!