Toyota Hybrids to become taxis!

Toyota Camry Hybrid in OrlandoWhen was the last time you hopped into a taxi? Whenever it was, we can guarantee you most likely didn’t climb in to a Toyota Prius or a Toyota Camry Hybrid in Orlando. However, this could soon change! As of late, these hybrid Toyota in Central Florida have been making their way into the taxi industry, and Toyota of Orlando is excited to see just how many can infiltrate the industry! While Toyota isn’t “fleeting” cars to the taxicab industry, they do understand the benefits of having these environmentally friendly options making their way onto busy city streets!

Toyota Prius offers an eco-friendly ride to Californians 

The 2013 Toyota Prius in Orlando is one of the most popular options for taxicabs, and it’s been slowly appearing more and more, especially in cities like Los Angeles (after all, it is one of the most preferred vehicles in the state of California). It helps to not only cut down on fuel costs and the emissions that contribute to smog in the city of angels, but also to lend a better image to taxis as a whole. Be honest – sometimes crawling into the back of a beat-up old cab can be less than appealing, and hoofing it or driving your own car might seem like a better option. Taxi drivers are hoping that integrating cars like the Toyota Prius and Toyota Camry Hybrid in Orlando will help to polish up their image and make their services more enticing!

What makes these new Toyota in Orlando acceptable as options for public transportation? First of all, their fuel efficiency. The Toyota Prius saves tons of money at the gas pump as it provides 53 mpg in the city; the Toyota Camry Hybrid isn’t too far behind with 43 mpg in the city. This is all thanks to Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive technology, which utilizes both an electric motor and a gasoline engine to power the vehicle. The electric motor is used when the new Toyota is idling or gently accelerating, so this technology is perfectly conducive to a taxi that travels crowded city streets! Both the Toyota Prius in Orlando AND the new Toyota Camry Hybrid also cut way, way down on their emissions, particularly hydrocarbons and oxides of nitrogen. These two emissions contribute to the formation of smog, which is already a problem in Los Angeles. This makes them an even more fitting option for the crowded California city!



Toyota Camry Hybrid appeals to taxi drivers with its sleek style

Additionally, both the new Toyota Prius and Toyota Camry Hybrid offer sleek and noticeable style – much more than the traditional options usually used for taxicabs. The Toyota Prius features smooth exterior lines (which also help with its aerodynamics) and features standard elements like 15 inch alloy wheels and a sporty rear spoiler. The Toyota Camry Hybrid mimics the classic style of its gasoline counterpart, and integrates features like optitron instrumentation (which looks sportier) and a cool metallic-grain interior trim. Both of these Toyota in Orlando are also available in appealing paint hues like Cosmic Gray Mica, Clearwater Blue, and Barcelona Red!

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