Orlando Scion FR-S gives record performance with new tires!

Orlando Scion FR-SWe all know that the 2013 Scion FR-S in Orlando is an extremely impressive vehicle. It’s sporty, it’s fast, it’s affordable and it just LOOKS awesome. At Toyota of Orlando, it’s without a doubt the most popular member of the Scion family, and it’s constantly flying off the lot as customers can’t get enough of it. It seems that Toyota customers in Central Florida aren’t the only ones who can’t keep their hands off this new Scion in Orlando – it’s been racking up awards and accolades, and recently became a record-setter thanks to Consumer Reports! They decided to outfit it with new tires and see what happened – you won’t believe the incredible results!

2013 Scion FR-S tested by Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports had an interest in taking the 2013 Scion FR-S in Orlando and transforming it into a “supercar”, which generally refers to a high-end automobile that offers drivers an exceptional performance – it’s got to be quick, and it’s got to have excellent handling. However, they wanted to achieve this feat without breaking the bank, so they started at the ground up, with the tires. The new Scion FR-S comes standard with 17 inch alloy tires and wheels, so Consumer Reports swapped them for 18 inch ultra-high performance summer tires and new wheels. To be more specific, they first tested this new Scion with Michelin Primacy HP tires, and then bumped up to Michelin Pilot Super Sport to see what would happen.The results? The Orlando Scion FR-S ate up the track like nobody’s business.

This isn’t the first time Consumer Reports has tested out a vehicle to see just how far they can push it! In fact, they had previously tested the BMW 135i on its capability to hold speed during a double lane change maneuver – the BMW 135i set the record at 58.5 mph. Guess who broke that record? The Scion FR-S, which managed to maintain 59.1 mpg during this particular test! It also came in second to the Porsche Boxster when measuring braking distances, dropping from 60 mph to 0 mph in 117 feet – the Porsche holds the record with 112 feet. Additionally, Consumer Reports couldn’t believe how well this new Scion handled, as it handled well, gripped the road, and still offered amazing fuel efficiency!

Check out the Orlando Scion FR-S in person today!

new Scion in Orlando for saleThe 2013 Scion FR-S is an exceptional option. It’s available in both manual and automatic transmissions, and kicks off at an economical starting MSRP of just $25,255. It’s a rear-wheel drive vehicle, and comes standard with a 2.0L 4-cylinder flat Boxer engine, which helps to give it the get up and go it needs for an impressive performance AND allows it to sit lower to the ground, which just further enhances both its handling and aggressive, sporty appearance.

If you want to learn more about this incredible new Scion in Orlando and check it out in person, visit Toyota of Orlando today! We’re at 3575 Vineland Road, and we’re open until 10pm every single night for your convenience. Give us a ring at (888) 725-3520 to make an appointment, and come see the entire selection of new Scion and Toyota we have available! We’ll see you soon!