Detail your new Toyota in Orlando like a pro with our tips!

auto repair and detailing in OrlandoDid you know that Toyota of Orlando offers car detailing services in Central Florida? That’s right – at our Orlando Service Center AND at our Collision Center, we offer full car detailing so you can drive home in a sparkling clean ride. We even offer auto service specials in Orlando, so your experiences at our Service Center will be more affordable! However, we also know that the economy isn’t in the best shape, and sometimes you don’t have the time or money to bring your new Toyota in Orlando into a car detailing location to get it clean. No one likes riding around in a dirty car – and why shouldn’t your Orlando Toyota look its best? That’s why this week, we’re offering tips that will help you detail your new Toyota in Central Florida like a pro – and for a fraction of the cost some detailing locations will charge.

First, attack your new Toyota in Orlando’s carpet! The floor mats are one part of the car that take the worst beating, so use an air compressor (like you would use to fill your tires) or a stiff brush to get all of the dirt and debris off of them. You can even go under your kitchen sink and use a new scrub brush – it’ll do the trick! Remember, you can always buy new floor mats if yours are shot at the Toyota of Orlando Parts department!

Hand wash your car! You know as well as we do that taking your new Toyota in Orlando through an automated car wash never gets all the dirt and grime off  the outside, much less the dreaded mess that lovebugs in Central Florida can leave. Take the time to wash your car by hand and get it sparkling – or ask for a wash at our Orlando Toyota dealership when you come in for service, where we’ll give you the same courtesy!

car detailing in Central FloridaWax your new Toyota in Orlando. Yes, we know it’s tedious and can take a chunk of time to complete, but in the end you’ll thank yourself! A solid coat of wax protects your paint from the harmful Central Florida sun, and also small scratches and stains. You can use paste or liquid wax as both will get the job done, and make sure to apply two coats – give your new Toyota in Central Florida the attention it deserves!

Keep  your air ducts clean to keep the inside of your new Toyota in Orlando smelling like… well, a new car! Toyota of Orlando offers professional air conditioning and air sanitizing services for tough jobs, but you can help by regularly blowing out the air ducts (behind the air vents) with the aforementioned air compressor. It’ll help blow out any musty dust or mildew. Also, don’t forget to change your air filter!

These are just a few things you can do to extend the life of the physical appearance of your new Toyota in Orlando! Remember, it may not seem as important as interior maintenance, but keeping your car in good condition on the exterior can save you costly future repairs… not to mention, driving around a CLEAN new Toyota in Central Florida is much more enjoyable. Want more tips regarding car detailing, or want to learn more about our affordable car repair in Orlando? Visit the Toyota of Orlando Service Center – and ask about our new service specials in Orlando! You can give us a call at (866) 945-0493!