The Orlando Toyota hybrid market is growing in Central Florida!

The hybrid market is growing – especially for drivers who are more budget-conscious – and Toyota of Orlando is pleased to be able to offer Toyota drivers in Central Florida a wide range of hybrid vehicles from which to choose! Hybrid cars in Orlando are becoming more and more popular because of their excellent fuel economy (which lets you save a ton of money with very little effort) and environmentally-friendly performance. In fact, there’s been an increase in sales since last June, with the Toyota Prius seeing a surge of almost 300%! The fact that the 2012 Toyota Prius c and Toyota Prius v have been introduced to the family only helps make the Toyota hybrid in Central Florida even more popular.

Hybrid cars in OrlandoHow do hybrid cars manage all of these incredible feats? The Toyota hybrids at Toyota of Orlando all utilize Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive System technology. This means that they incorporate an electric motor and a gasoline engine under the hood, as well as a hybrid battery. The electric motor is utilized when you’re driving at low speeds, and the gasoline engine helps to provide you with the get-up-and-go you need during acceleration and at higher speeds. Toyota hybrid cars in Orlando actually pull in energy from momentum and store it in the hybrid battery for later use! This means that all of our hybrid cars in Central Florida are excellent about keeping emissions that cause smog extremely low, as well as using as little fuel as possible to save you tons of money at the gas pump!

Toyota of Orlando offers a great variety of hybrid Toyota cars in Central Florida, including the entire Toyota Prius family, as well as the Toyota Camry Hybrid and Highlander Hybrid. The Toyota Prius family in Orlando consists of three vehicles: the 2012 Toyota Prius, Prius c, and Prius v. All three of them offer affordable hybrid options to drivers, but they all have discerning characteristics. The original 2012 Toyota Prius in Central Florida has a starting MSRP of $24,000, and comes equipped with cool technological options like a Remote Air Conditioning System and Dynamic Radar Cruise Control. The Orlando Toyota Prius c is a subcompact hatchback, making it a more feasible option for city drivers, and is extremely economical with a starting price point of just $18,950! If you’re looking for a more spacious option, consider the Toyota Prius v in Orlando – it’s got tons of interior cargo space and comfortably seats five, but still manages to get 42mpg!

Hybrid cars in Central FloridaIf you’re looking for something a little more traditional, come to Toyota of Orlando to check out the 2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid in Central Florida. This sleek sedan retains all of the characteristics of the original 2012 Toyota Camry, but seamlessly integrates hybrid technology to bump it up to 39mpg on the highway. It’s also got a pricier starting MSRP of $25,990, but this becomes a non-issue when you discover just how much money you’ll be saving on gas! If you’re looking for a more family-friendly option, consider the Toyota Highlander Hybrid at Toyota of Orlando! This hybrid version of the popular SUV gets 28mpg, but still manages to effortlessly seat seven passengers and provide a ton of cargo space (and it maintains its cool technological features, too). The Orlando Toyota Highlander Hybrid has a starting MSRP of $38,715!

Don’t miss the opportunity to check out the amazing array of hybrid cars in Orlando at our Toyota dealership in Central Florida! Toyota of Orlando also offers a great selection of used cars in Orlando, so you may be able to find an affordable pre-owned hybrid if that’s more conducive to your budget. Come visit us today – we’re conveniently located in Central Florida at 3575 Vineland Road, Orlando! See you soon!