Why Keeping Your Car Well Maintained Is Important

I bought a new Toyota. Now what? It is vital to the longevity of your car to keep it well maintained by Toyota of Orlando. Over 80% of Toyota’s sold in the last 20 years are still on the road today. We don’t want you to fall into that 20% category because you were uneducated when it came to the importance of servicing your car.

Toyota Of Orlando Answers Many Questions About Keeping Your Car Well Maintained


Orlando Toyota ServiceWhy do I need an oil change? It is incredibly important to the life of your car that every six months you get an oil change! Even if you haven’t made it to the next scheduled maintenance it is important that the car has quality oil running in it. You may think that not driving the car means everything is fine… Wrong! The sitting oil does get old and can build up in the engine and cause problems down the road.

Why do I need a tire rotation? Having your tires rotated every time you get your car service actually increases the longevity of the tires. On some vehicles the front tires wear faster than the rear and vice versa. Having the front moved to the back and back to the front actually will even out the wear and tear on the tires. Seems silly at first but you are saving yourself from having to replace your tires as soon.

Why do I need a brake inspection? Most people wait until they hear the squeaking before bringing their car in to be inspected. That is a major oversight that can lead to serious injury. Having a visual inspection each time you get your car serviced can allow the technician to notify you that they are wearing down and can be replaced before it is too late. Avoid having your brakes failing and get they inspected and change them as soon as the technicians thinks it’s time!

Why do I need an alignment? Having your vehicle perfectly aligned is for more than just making sure your car is driving straight. When your vehicle is out of alignment it actually causes your tires to wearing unevenly and will end up costing you hundreds of dollars in replacement tires when all you need to do is get an alignment by Toyota of Orlando. The biggest reason to get an alignment is SAFETY! Have you ever driven a car with a bad alignment in the rain? If you have you know it isn’t fun. The slippery roads in addition to a car that is badly aligned is a bad combination.

Why do I need my cabin air filter replaced? It may seem tedious to replace the cabin air filter but it is very important. Think about all the fumes, pollution, and allergens that seep into your car, do you really want all of that getting in? We didn’t think so! Having a fresh cabin air filter can protect you and your passengers from many harmful things in the air.

Why do I need my transmission flushed? Having your transmission flushed is almost that the oil change. Over time build up occurs and the best thing to do to have your car running right is to have the old fluid flushed out and fresh, new fluid put in.


Trust Your Car To The Certified Technicians At Toyota Of Orlando


Orlando Toyota ServiceYou can trust that when one of our Toyota Certified Technicians recommends a service it is something that your vehicle needs.

Toyota of Orlando always runs great service specials and offers. We know that some maintenance can be a little harsh on the pocket; however, we are here to help! There are Orlando Toyota Service coupons you can use to lower that bill and save you money. We even offer special discounts for senior citizens on Wednesday. You can save 10% on your entire bill!

For more information on the importance of servicing your car at Toyota of Orlando, give us a call at (866) 945-0493. You can also schedule an appointment to avoid any wait time. Walk-ins are accepted and with 54 service bays any wait time for walk-ins is highly doubtful!

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